GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — WOOD TV8 has been serving West Michigan for 70 years; Brian Sterling and Susan Shaw have been here for nearly a third of that, with 25 years each.

“The philosophy never changes, really,” Sue said. “It’s to bring the most up-to-the-second, accurate information in an unbiased way to the masses of people over 13 counties in West Michigan and let them take that information and apply it to their lives. We do that on a daily basis. We never mail it in, there’s nothing we can do to sort of fall short. It’s always the best. We always give it all our effort and I say we do it on a regular basis and (I’m) proud to be part of team that can do that on a regular basis.” 

“When you’re a leader in the community in the news, there’s a lot of responsibility there,” Brian added. “I think it boils down to trust. The viewers trust us because of experience, accuracy, the time that we put into our craft. … They value the product that we put out and the information that we’re sharing with them.” 

“And also, on top of that, it’s trusting each other. It’s important to basically trust each other,” Sue said. “And when you can rely on each other in breaking news situations, you know that you can make sure and turn to your partner and they’ve got it and you can gather more information so that you’re ready to send that out to West Michigan as well. So it’s relying on each other and playing off of each other and getting used to that and having that kind of team in place, it makes you feel very self-assured  about the information that you’re putting out to the people and it’s important on a regular basis to have that kind of teamwork.”

“I just think, ‘Man, I’m a lucky guy.'” Brian said. “I think I am so grateful that people have stuck with me through the highs and lows and everything in between and I get a lot of reinforcement from meeting the viewers just personally. Whether it’s a comment, ‘Hey, I saw this,’ or ‘Hey, you’re doing a good job’ or whatever it may be, that feedback is so important.”

==Above, Brian and Sue share more about their experiences at WOOD TV8.==