GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — It was nice to follow a cold, wet and cloudy month of April with a warm May.

Grand Rapids’ May temperatures ended up a little over 2 degrees above average. Most of the Great Lakes region enjoyed warmer-than-average readings. A couple 80 degree temperature streaks in mid- and late May certainly helped. Kalamazoo hit 90 degrees on the last day of May, but the wait for that milestone continues in Grand Rapids.

We avoided any hard freezes this May, with the coldest temperature of 36 degrees happening May 8. No snow was recorded and rainfall came very close to average. Clouds dominated in yet another month with below-average sunshine.

Daylight hours will continue to expand until the summer solstice on Tuesday, June 21. The average high temperatures will also warm through the month as we approach climatologically the warmest time of year in July.

Along with the expected warmer temperatures, sunshine averages also peak during the summer.

Hopefully, we get a lot of sunshine even as the temperature forecast for June appears cooler than average. The coolest temperatures relative to average will likely happen during the first couple of weeks of the month.

It appears the monthly temperature forecast has the nation split in half. The warmest readings relative to average will be found south and coolest from the Great Lakes westward.

It appears near normal amounts of rainfall are forecast. In June 2021, we got nearly 8.5 inches, more than double the average.

Hopefully June’s weather helps catapult you into a memorable summer of fun.