Wet start to 2017 eliminates Midwest drought conditions

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — May has started out cool and dry in West Michigan, but this has not been the general theme so far this spring.

West Michigan had a soggy start to 2017 with each month recording higher than average precipitation. April was especially wet, running almost three inches above average.

This year will be the second consecutive wet spring. Precipitation was four inches higher than average at this same time last year.>>Inside woodtv.com:Get the free Storm Team 8 app

Not only has the Midwest been wet, but much of the country has been as well. Fortunately, this has alleviated drought conditions across much of the country.>>Inside woodtv.com: Storm Team 8 Forecast

Only six percent of the United States is considered under a moderate to severe drought, which is the lowest percentage of land since assessments were made in 2000.

There are no drought conditions in the Midwest, which is also a first since 2000.

However, the forecast calls for drier than average weather patterns to continue through mid-May.

—–Inside woodtv.com:Storm Team 8 ForecastGet the free Storm Team 8 app

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