Weekend Flyovers of the International Space Station


There were two awesome flyovers of the International Space Station this past weekend (Sept. 18-19). Fortunately, skies were clear on Saturday and mostly clear on Sunday. There was still a little twilight Sunday evening. There are flyovers Monday evening (it’ll be cloudy in G.R.) and Tuesday (it’ll probably be cloudy).

Tuesday evening’s flyover is at 8:19 pm. If by some chance you do get a break in the clouds, look to the west and the ISS will move to a maximum height of 45 degrees above the horizon. Again the Space Station will continue to the northeast and disappear before reaching the horizon.

Here’s a list of ISS flyovers through 9/24 for Grand Rapids. You can see where the Space Station is now here. The Space Station is 356 feet long (a football field is 300 feet long) and it orbits the earth every 90 minutes going thru 16 sunrises and 16 sunsets each 24 hour day. Here’s more facts about the Space Station.

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