“Most Accurate” isn’t just something we claim to be here at WOOD TV8; it is a proven fact. An independent forecast verification company has confirmed that Storm Team 8 produces the most accurate forecast of all television stations in West Michigan.

WeatheRate is the only independent weather forecast verification company in the nation. The company is not affiliated with any TV station or company. The concept behind WeatheRate is to end the age-old exhausting debate over who has the best forecast in town.

For the last year and a half, WeatheRate has been watching West Michigan and recently released the numbers proving WOOD TV8 is the best in the business.

Here’s how it works: each day, WeatheRate staffer scour broadcasts and websites for forecasts. They take that data and compare it to what actually ends up happening. The scores are then released, revealing the top forecaster. And the competition is ongoing!

Here at WOOD TV8, we are confident our staff of five knowledgeable meteorologists with a collective total of nearly 100 years forecast experience in West Michigan will continue to be the reigning champions.