GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — With the chance of snow returning this weekend, it’s time to pull out your ice scraper and prepare for winter weather problems.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer declared Nov. 6 through Nov. 12 Winter Hazards Awareness Week. The goal is to remind Michiganders of the dangers of winter weather.


Be sure to have a snow brush to clean off your vehicle — and not just the windshield. The National Weather Service reminded drivers that snow flying off your car can cause crashes behind you.

Take it extra slow on the roads and leave ample distance between your vehicle and others — especially snowplows.

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Snow squalls are to blame for many crashes. A snow squall is an intense but short period of moderate to heavy snowfall accompanied by strong winds. If a snow squall warning is issued while you’re driving, pull over. If there is no place to do so, slow down and turn on your hazards.

If your vehicle gets stuck in a winter storm, it could be hours before emergency responders arrive. Have a blanket, snacks and portable chargers stored away just in case.


You should also prepare your home for the cold and snow. Some tips include:

  • Insulate pipes. Use foam around plumbing to keep pipes warmer.
  • Protect the roof. Clean debris out of gutters.
  • Keep a supply of fuel. If power outages occur, this will ensure generators can run smoothly.
  • Check heating system. Make sure your heat is working properly before frigid conditions hit.


Keep your furry friends inside as much as possible when temperatures fall below freezing. Limit outside time to just a few minutes. A sweater or jacket will help your pet stay warmer.