GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The weather in West Michigan can be difficult, but a simple break down of this year so far shows one day of the week has trended cloudier than all the rest.

Wednesdays of 2022 take the cake for cloudiest day, only reporting 45% of all total possible received sunshine.

Data courtesy Matt Kirkwood

As for the sunniest days of the week? Tuesday seems to be the clear winner! The margins are much slimmer when it comes to sunniest day, however. Tuesday did receive about 72% possible sunshine with the latest Tuesday sitting as a prime example.

The summer months are statistically the sunniest in West Michigan. This summer season we are running slightly cloudier than usual. The average amount of sunshine received is 66% for June, July and August. Currently 2022 has seen about 60.6% possible sunshine.

Typical percentage of sunshine usually received by month

Plenty of sunshine is expected in the coming week. This will boost the numbers for August and likely land us close to average by the end of the month.

So why was Tuesday the sunniest and Wednesday the cloudiest so far this season? Most of it is just luck of the draw. Weather systems typically visit West Michigan every two to four days on average. Often times the jet stream will pick a pattern and stick to it for a week or two before switching up the timing and intensity of the storms it sends our way.

Just because the cloudiest day of the week has been Wednesday so far this year doesn’t mean hump day will always hold the title.