GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Fall officially arrives on Thursday at 9:04 p.m. This year the weather in West Michigan will certainly feel like a quick flip into autumn.

Most of September has landed on the warmer than usual side with only five days registering cooler than average.

That will all change Thursday. Cold air is set to spill in starting Wednesday night, dropping highs to the low 60s for Thursday afternoon.

Average highs for this time of year are typically in the low 70s. Average lows bounce around either side of 50 degrees. During the spring and fall, the weather begins to take on an especially variable nature.

This can lead to long stretches of warmer than average temperatures followed by long stretches of colder than average temperatures and vice versa.

This week the jet stream will take a massive dip. Temperatures will be above average on Tuesday before a sharp turn Thursday.

The cool down that begins on Thursday will be chilly enough to produce light lake effect rain showers. Rain is most likely on Thursday as cold air spills in from the northwest.

So far this season we have only experience two instances of back to back 60s.

Once the cooler weather arrives it will dig in its heels. Not only will 60s stick around for the weekend, it is likely it will continue to stay chilly for the entire final week of September as cold air continues to roll down over the Great Lakes.

Typically we see our last 80s of the season in late September and early October. There is still a chance that following a straight week of highs near the upper 60s we will see the 80s return, but the chances are getting statistically lower by the day.