GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Cold air will come crashing into West Michigan Thursday, triggering an increased chance of waterspouts on Lake Michigan.

Waterspout outbreaks are most common on the Great Lakes during the fall when cold air spills over relatively warmer water.

The International Center for Waterspout Research issues waterspout forecasts daily. This week, they have targeted the Great Lakes for a heightened chance for spouts with the incoming crash of cold air set to arrive Thursday.

The map below is the forecast for Thursday. Notices the best chance for a waterspout is along Lake Michigan, especially near Grand Haven, throughout the day.

Individual waterspouts can occur on the Great Lakes during all seasons, but the fall brings a usual peak in occurrences due to the relatively warm waters of Lake Michigan and the increased chance of shots of cold air.

Lake Michigan’s surface temperature is generally in the 60s right now. Upper-level air temperatures dropping in over the lake on Thursday would likely be near 40 degrees.

Even if a waterspout does not form over Lake Michigan Thursday, lake-effect rain showers will. Expect an increased chance of light, cold rain on Thursday, especially close to the lake shore.

If you see a waterspout, you can let us know by emailing us at You can also submit your report to the International Center for Waterspout Research by clicking here.