GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — After a bit of a delay, fall is beginning to show its true colors across the lower portion of the state.

Most of the Upper Peninsula is now past its peak, with only the immediate lakeshore hanging onto peak colors. A few areas are still vibrant, including Tahquemenon Falls State Park:

Tahquemenon Falls State Park. Courtesy Patty Redeker

Northern Lower is near or at its peak heading into the weekend, though the biggest change statewide is that most of lower Michigan is now showing at least partial color. While the peak remains delayed – likely due to the warm, dry September we experienced – progress is being made.

The state’s far southwest corner remains in minimal color, thanks to winds off the lake keeping conditions warmer.

Even with a warm-up next week, the foliage should accelerate across much of West Michigan, and by late next week, we’ll likely be very close to, if not at peak color.

Unfortunately, rain chances hang around – in fact, for the fourth straight week, a soaking system appears possible later next week.