GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — This past weekend felt like fall. In fact, the daily high on Saturday of only 62 degrees was one of the coldest August days ever on record for West Michigan.

In fact, it typically happens so infrequently that we only average an August day that cold about once a decade in our area.

Persistent, steady rain helped to drastically temperatures on Saturday. The summer season had been about four inches drier than average. After the weekend rain, deficits have improved substantially.

Although this past weekend felt like fall, Michigan natives know the heat is far from over. Average highs for this time of year are in the low 80s for highs and low 60s for lows.


Temperatures in the 90s have been recorded as late as Sept. 26 in West Michigan, according to the Grand Rapids official climate station. Usually, the last 90 of the season hits late August.

Here is when we usually see the last appearance of certain threshold temperatures:

Fall officially begins this year on Thursday, Sept. 22. Leaves usually begin changing in West Michigan through the month of October. In the last decade or so we’ve seen peak fall foliage happen later than usual. The last three years peak color did not occur until early to mid-November.