GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — An exciting conjunction of three planets and the moon will take place this weekend. 

A conjunction occurs when two or more celestial objects appear very close together in the night sky. Even though they are physically very far away, they appear quite close from our vantage point on Earth. 

There are a few different types of conjunctions. Inferior and superior conjunctions both involve the placement of a planet in relation to the sun and the earth. In the case of this week’s planetary conjunction, the proximity of the planets and the moon to each other will be more meaningful than their position in relation to the sun.

On the mornings of March 27-28, look to the southeast before sunrise to see a the beautiful conjunction of the moon, Mars, Venus, and Saturn. The waning crescent moon will be most easy to pick out, followed by Venus, which will be the brightest of the three planets. Look for the moon just to the right of Mars on the 27th, and to the lower right of Saturn on the 28th. The three planets and the moon clustered together will make for a beautiful view. 

If you enjoy this weekend’s conjunction, you’ll be happy to know another close conjunction is expected the following weekend. Mars and Saturn will only be about half a degree apart in the early morning sky. Cross your fingers for some clear skies!