GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — You’ll have to brave some cold temperatures for stargazing Wednesday night, but a beautiful view of the moon and four planets will greet you if you’re able to get outside. 

The waning crescent moon will pass beneath the two brightest planets Wednesday night. Look to the east/southeast before sunrise to see Jupiter, Venus and the thin moon. Mars and Saturn will be above and to the right of the other two planets in a nearly straight line. 

Jupiter and Venus will continue to grow closer through the rest of the week until they’re in conjunction on April 30. Two planets are in conjunction when they appear close together in the sky from our vantage point. Jupiter and Venus are the brightest celestial objects in the sky after the sun and moon, so they will be easy to spot and will make for an awesome sight. 

In the morning on April 30, the two planets will have a .5 degree separation. On May 1, they will be .6 degrees apart. Jupiter will be just below and to the left of Venus on April 30, and just above and to the right on the May 1. Once again, Mars and Saturn will be in a line with the other two planets to the upper right. The conjunction will be visible low in the southeast before sunrise.