The warmer than average weather pattern we are in should last through at least the first week of November. Above is the 6-10 Day Temperature Outlook from the Climate Prediction Center for November 5-9. It basically says warm in the East (inc. the Great Lakes) and cool in the West.

Speaking of cool in the West. This was a screen grab I got from one of the webcams at Mount Rainier National Park in Washington State. Looks like mid-winter. It’s cold and snowy out there.
Check out the forecast for the Mt. Rainier area – including the summit, where Monday is expected to have a temperature of 9° and a southwest wind at 65 mph. That should make for severe blowing and drifting snow – pretty impossible to hike through that.

Here’s the expected high temperatures over the next 8 days. The average high temperature for today (Mon. Oct. 31) is 55°. The average high falls to 49° on Nov. 12 and to 40° by the end of the month. Temperatures in the 60s for a week is unseasonably mild. It’s also saving us a few $$ on our heating bills.

Saturday was the calmest day of 2022 in Grand Rapids with an average wind speed of 1.8 mph from midnight-to-midnight. It was a great day for raking leaves, since they weren’t blowing around.
Average Wind Speed the last 4 days

This is the average wind speed over the last four days (Sunday thru 5 pm). Not the best four days for flying a kite or getting the sailboat out, but it’s nice to have calm winds when you’re raking leaves.

It looks like October will end up about 0.8° cooler than average. This is the 5th month in a row with average temperatures (within one degree of average).