Storms that moved through West Michigan Saturday and Saturday night produced gusty winds, small hail, heavy rain and some occasionally intense lightning.

Small hail fell in Walker and at Wabasis Lake. There was a transformer fire caused by lightning in western Ionia Co. and flooding reported at 68th a Division in Cutlerville. (see pic. above from Eric Vogler). At one point, there were 8,000 Consumers Energy customers without power. That number was down to 2,281 by 1 am.

Storm Reports from the Storm Prediction Center for Saturday

The map above is the storm reports received by the National Weather Service for Saturday. Each red dot is a tornado report, each blue dot is a wind damage report and each green dot is a large hail report. There were 3 rather insignificant and brief tornadoes in Illinois and Indiana. We had 49 reports of wind damage, including an 81 mph gust at Westminster OH and 22 reports of large hail (1″ in diameter or greater). That included 3″ diameter hail at Washington IL.

Lower Michigan shaped cloud in Byron Center ( Courtesy: Woody Bomgaars)
Rainfall totals for Saturday, August 20

Here’s some Saturday rainfall totals. Ionia had over 2″. The 1.25″ that fell four miles south of Allegan fell in about one hour. Cassopolis had 0.65″ of rain in just one hour.

Water temps. this Saturday: 70 Ludington and Mears (Pentwater), 62 Muskegon, 66 Grand Haven, 61 Holland, 66 Saugatuck, 67 South Haven. Inland Reeds Lake is at 76.

Sunrise this Sunday is at 6:55 am and sunset will be at 8:35. We are now 2 month past the Summer Solstice and we’re losing daylight at the rate of about 2 1/2 minutes each day. A thick crescent moon will try and shine through the clouds late tonight.

National Radar

Here’s national radar. More “monsoon” showers and thundershowers in the Desert SW. An area of significant rain will be northwest into South Texas (wet pattern for much of Texas this coming week should ease drought conditions there).