The top pic. is the sun setting at South Haven Sunday evening. The high temperature at the South Haven beach Sunday afternoon was 74.5°. I don’t have records for that location, but I’ll bet that’s at least a top 5 warmest November day ever at that location. Here’s some more high temps. from Sunday:

High Temperatures on Sunday

There were record daily high temperatures at Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Lansing and Muskegon. The other locations on the map don’t have record data. Daily records were also set at Fort Wayne (78°), South Bend (77°), Traverse City (76°), Pellston (73°) and Gaylord (71°). Compare that to the high temperature in Las Vegas Sunday of 54°, San Diego (65°) or Phoenix (67°).

High Temperatures in the U.S. on Sunday

The high temperature map from Sunday shows the surge of warm air up through the Central and Eastern U.S. with cool wetaher in the West.

High Temperatures this week Sunday through Friday

Here’s high temperatures for the week…unseasonably warm through Tuesday then much cooler, but still around average from Wednesday to the weekend We continue to forecast 1/4-1/2″ of rain in a about a 3-hour period Tuesday evening. The rain may be accompanied by some stronger wind gusts (30-40 mph) and maybe a rumble of thunder.

Record high temperatures from last Friday to Tuesday, along with actual/forecast high temperatures

Here’s a look at the record daily high temperatures (and the year) from last Friday to Tuesday, along with either the actual high temp. (in G.R.) or the forecast high temperature.

The weather during early November 1991

While we have record warm air now, we had record cool air and snow during early November 1991. Look at the numbers…an AVERAGE high temperature over 8 days of 30.6° (below freezing) and nearly a foot and a half of snow. I remember one snowy day that week. It was very cold (low-mid 20s during the day. We were getting lake-effect snow with a west-southwest wind. My house had snow all day and a total of about 10″ – and it added up with temps. that cold. South of Kalamazoo, the wind missed Lake Michigan, so there was no snow. In 1991 have a very snowy start to December, the temp. got into the 60s on the 18th and 19th…all the snow melted and the winter months of December, January and February all turned out to be warmer than average. However, we ended the water with nearly 88″ of snow.

Here’s the Grand Rapids NWS graphic on the warm temperatures.

Also – a gust of wind to 94 mph near Blue Eagle Ranch, Nevada (9,000 ft. elevation).