Two EF3 tornadoes have been confirmed in the tornado outbreak of Nov. 29-30 in the South. The top picture is damage from a tornado that moved through Greene County, Mississippi into Washington County, Alabama. The tornado moved through a sparsely populated area, missing more significant towns. The population of the entire county is 13,586. That’s fewer people than live in the city of Coldwater MI. No deaths or injuries were reported with this storm.

Tornado damage in Greene County, Mississippi.
Statistics on the Greene/Washington Co. tornado

Here’s some stats. on the tornado. It lasted approximately 28 minutes and was on the ground continuously for 19.2 miles. So, it was traveling at around 41 mph. The maximum width was 500 yards – five times the length of a football field (without the end zones).

Storm Reports from Nov. 29 thru 7 am Nov. 30

Here’s storm reports from Nov. 29 (thru 7 am Nov. 30) from the Storm Prediction Center. There were 45 tornadoes reported. Some were duplicate sightings of the same tornado. The NWS has confirmed 25 tornadoes that PM/night. Here’s a breakdown of the twisters by EF-scale:

EF-scale of the tornadoes that occurred the PM/night of Nov. 29-30.

The other EF3 tornado that day occurred in Clarks, LA – that tornado caused one injury and totally debarked trees. Two fatalities were reported with an EF2 tornado near Boylston MS, caused by a tree falling on a mobile home.

There have been no tornadoes through Dec. 12 in the U.S. In fact, there have only been three reports of severe weather so far this month, including a report of 2 1/2″ hail yesterday at Balko OK and a report of 61 mph winds at Foss Reservoir OK.

Worldwide, three tornadoes have been reported. One on the Shandong Peninsula – the first reported tornado there since 1952. A brief, small tornado was reported in Qatar (no threat to the World Cup) and there was a strong F2 tornado at Isola di Capo Rizzuto, Italy in Southern Italy. This twister damaged numerous buildings, flipped over vehicles and toppled large electric transmission towers.

Severe Weather Outlook for Tuesday Dec. 13

Severe weather is likely today, with the possibility of tornadoes, damaging thunderstorm winds and large hail across much of the South. SPC says: “Severe thunderstorms capable of all severe hazards including tornadoes, some strong, are possible from parts of east Texas to the Lower Mississippi Valley area today and tonight.”

Severe Weather Outlook Map for Wednesday/Wednesday night

Another severe weather outbreak is likely across the South on Wednesday with the possibility of more tornadoes.