Tropical Storm Kay is brought a rare summer rainy day to southern California on Friday. The above pic. is a webcam grab of the Scandia Creek Road near San Diego. San Diego had 0.61″ of rain,

Tiajuana, Mexico has had 2.10″ of rain as of 2:30 pm EDT. Dewpoints soared into the low 70s in far S. CA and NW Mexico – that’s very rare. Tiajuana also had a peak wind gust of 37 mph.

Gillespie Field in El Cajon reported light to moderate rain and gusts to 37 mph.


Mountainous areas were getting very strong wind gusts. Cuyamaca Peak had a gust to 109 mph, Big Black Mt. had 96 mph, Mt. Laguna reached 93 mph, Sill Hill had 92 mph, Mt. Polamar had a gust to 74 mph and near Alpine gusts were ranging from 55-65 mph. San Diego Co. was working at least half a dozen locations where trees fell on roads. Power lines were also knocked down. Orange barrels were rolling down I-8.

Some mountain areas also had very heavy rainfall. Mt. Laguna had 4.21″ and Mt. Cuyamaxa had 2.03″. Palm Springs in the desert had 0.25′. Los Angeles CA and Yuma AZ only had sprinkles, but the high temperature at Yuma was a relatively cool 90°.

Hurricane Kay made landfall Thursday afternoon on the Baja peninsula, with the eye of the storm coming ashore near Bahia Asuncion in Baja California Sur state, before weakening to a tropical storm. Strong winds will be felt from the deserts to the coastline. Isolated gusts at the beaches reached 45-55 mph.

The Padre’s MLB game was delayed due to rain Friday evening.

Cloudy, showers and gusty winds at the San Diego beaches Friday

Kay is now just a tropical depression.

cone graphic
Forecast track of Tropical Storm Kay

The storm is expected to move west, farther from land and eventually loop well offshore and fade away.