Tropical Storm Fiona has formed in the Atlantic . The storm is tracking just north of due west.

cone graphic
Projected path of Tropical Storm Fiona.
The projected path of Fiona is through the Leeward Islands, byPuerto Rico, over Hispaniola and into the southeast Bahamas. Fiona should not be a major hurricane (it may remain a tropical storm) and the greatest threat will be heavy rain and local flooding. The storm looks like it will curve north and miss Florida and the East Coast of the U.S.


Other than Fiona, the Atlantic, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico sector remains quiet.

There are a couple of systems in the Eastern Pacific off the west coast of Mexico. These storms are moving WNW away from the coastal areas.

Here’s a satellite pic of the eastern Pacific.

The western Pacific has become more active with several tropical storms. “Miufa” will weaken to a tropical depression as it moves along the East Coast of China. “Merbok” will be a weak-moderate hurricane for a few days, then weaken as it move northeast into cooler water well east of major land areas.
Path of Typhoon (hurricane) Nanmadol.

Typhoon “Nanmadol” will be moving into S. Japan next weekend with strong winds, heavy rain and local flooding.

ACE INDEX as of Sept. 14. All Northern Hemisphere sectors have had below average ACE INDEX in 2022. The Atlantic sector i at 29.6, compared to an average ACE of 67.1. That’s only 44% of average ACE-to-date. The NE Pacific is at 96% of average ACE. The western Pacific (the sector that gets the most hurricanes and tropical storms) is at 53% of average ACE-to-date.
We are now past the midway point of the Hurricane Season (which was Sept. 10).