Tropical Storm Chantel


Above is a satellite view now Tropical Depression Chantal. It was only a bare minimum tropical storm (40 mph winds) for a day. As I write this late Weds., it’s now a small tropical depression – and soon to be nothing. This is another storm (like Andrea – a “sub”tropical storm back in May – that in times past probably wouldn’t be named.. It’s north of 40° latitude, so it’s a tropical storm that’s not near the tropics. Tuesday, the lakeshore from Holland to S. Haven had peak gusts of around 45 mph in a brief thunderstorm.

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Forecast Track of Chantal

Here’s the Forecast Discussion and Public Advisory on Chantal. Below are the hurricane names for the Atlantic/Caribbean/Gulf for 2019.

Hurricane Names for 2019 in the Atlantic/Gulf of Mexico/Caribbean (from KETK)

So far this year, we’ve had Andrea (very minimal subtropical storm that lasted a single day and Barry, a minimal hurricane, but it did cause one fatality (guy swimming got caught in a rip current) and millions of dollars in damage – mostly from flooding.

Forecast Rainfall over the Next 7 Days from the Weather Prediction Center

This is forecast rainfall from the Weather Prediction Center for the next 5 days…not a lot in Lower Michigan. A tropical depression (if not a tropical storm) may form in the Gulf of Mexico and bring heavy rain to SE Louisiana, S. Mississippi and much of Alabama. Much of the West stays dry. Note the rain in the mountains of Mexico.

Growing corn in Mexico

Mexico is the 7th largest producer of corn in the world. The top three are the U.S., China and Brazil. Mexico is #1 for avacadoes, #2 for lemons and #3 for papayas, strawberries and blueberries.

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