Hurricane Agatha moved through Mexico and emerged as a tropical depression in the Gulf of Mexico. It remained below tropical storm strength (which is more than 39 mph) as it traveled from the Yucatan to Florida. It regained tropical storm strength Saturday night and was given the name “Alex“, the first storm of the season in the Atlantic, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico. While Alex can be both a boy’s name and a girl’s name – in this case it’s a boy’s name.

cone graphic
Forecast path of Tropical Storm Alex

The storm is moving east-northeast. It’s certainly possible that the storm could reach hurricane strength (74 mph). It will bring some wind gusts to 50 mph to Bermuda on Monday, then diminish back to a tropical depression in the Central Atlantic.

The storm brought heavy rain and flooding to southern Florida. Here’s some rainfall totals. There were some strong wind gusts in squalls that passed over South Florida. The highest gust I saw was 59 mph near Miami, but that was on top of a tower that was 75 feet off the ground. Here’s some other gusts: 51 mph Delray Beach, 49 mph Juno Beach, 43 mph Miami Airport and at Fort Lauderdale.

Flooding near Miami FL – from AP and Mike Stocker

Trees were knocked down in Pompano Beach, Oakwood Hills and Dorcus.

Here’s the Public Advisory on the storm.