From the Gaylord MI NWS: “Check this out! After setting a record high of 92° Tuesday afternoon, the temperature at Traverse City dropped 31 degrees in 10 minutes (from 88° at 6:35pm to 57° at 6:45pm) after a northerly lake breeze pushed through, dramatically cooling the area.”

During those 10 minutes, the humidity rose from 46% to 77% and the wind went from SSW at 3 mph to N at 18 mph with a gust to 24 mph. At 18 mph, it would take about 3.3 minutes for the cool air to get from the bay to the airport weather station.

As I type this, the north mid-Lake Michigan buoy shows a water temperature of 36.5°. The Cherry Co. Airport is only about one mile in a straight line to Traverse Bay.

Early Wed. AM – the S. Haven buoy showed a water temp. of 48°. The lake was very calm Tue. and it allowed the surface water temp. to rise a few degrees. As I type this, waves are 3-4 inches. There was also a Dense Fog Advisory because 60-degree dewpoint air was coming over the chilly waters. The water temp. at the Port Sheldon buoy was 46° early Wed. AM.

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