We’ve seen some incredible weather in Alaska during the last month. Here’s what’s happened at Fairbanks: December 4th, it was 37 below zero…December 6th, up to 28 above zero…December 14th and 15th, it plummeted to 40 below zero…On December 26th it was raining and 41 above zero…and 40F on the 27th. Now, Jan. 2, it’s back down to 44 below zero. It’s unusual to get 80+ degree temperature swings in a place where the sun makes little difference being so low on the horizon and out for a relatively short few hours each day. Fairbanks had a whopping 5.73″ of precipitation in December and that included 49.7″ of snow. While there were several windy days with gusts of 40-45 mph, the average wind speed for December was only 3.6 mph.

On Sunday, the HIGH temperature at Bettles was -48F (the low was -51F). Huslia also reached -51F. Bettles has 37″ of snow on the ground. On the south coast of Alaska, Anchorage could only muster a high of +7F and Juneau in the panhandle was in the low-mid 20s. King Salmon had a high of -1F.