The 3-day blizzard is finally ending over the Dakotas and Montana. Bismarck ND had almost as much snow on Tuesday (10.0″) as they had in December and January combined (10.5″). Up to 30″ has fallen in N. Dakota and over 45″ in a few spots in the Montana mountains. Check out the snow against the door.

Map showing where the heaviest snow has fallen
Peak Wind gusts in North Dakota

Here are some peak wind gusts during the blizzard. This was a long period with wind gusts of +50 mph – in some places the strong wind lasted for 48 hours. The wind caused significant blowing snow, which reduced visibility and made for some dangerous driving…and the wind has piled the snow up into large drifts.

It’s cold this Friday AM – at 12:40 am local time, the temperature at Devil’s Lake ND is +11 with a wind chill of -8.

ALSO: Earthquake south of San Diego. Sun dogs and in Canada. Rainbow under a shelf cloud. Pretty spring flowers in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Indiana sunset with a cloud that looks like a fish. US map showing percent of average precipitation since 1/1. Michigan in good shape…drought in the Plains from W. Texas to W. Kansas and in the Southwest (where agriculture is irrigated). Plane splits the mist. Significant damage from severe thunderstorms in the Louisville KY area Wed. night. Schools were closed there on Thursday due to power outages.