The above pic. is a tornado moving through Andover, Kansas late Friday afternoon (from Jason Knipp). There were no fatalities (!) and just 3 injuries.

This tornado has been rated a high end EF3 – with peak winds between 165 mph. Andover had a famous EF5 tornado on April 26, 1991. That tornado resulted in 17 fatalities and 225 were injured. It’s really amazing that you can have an EF-3 tornado on the ground for nearly 13 miles, going through residential areas, destroying homes and yet have no fatalities and only 3 injuries! Here’s the now-famous drone video of the tornado. Hats off to West Michigan’s own Reed Timmer and his team. The tornado had an average forward speed of 36.4 mph.

Kansas Tornado just before sunset on Friday 4 29 22 (from Stephanie Bally)
Andover, Kansas tornado – from Mike Umscheid – from the Wichita NWS Storm Summary

This is an amazing pic. It has the Andover tornado, a windmill and the sun setting on the left. You can see more of Mike’s pics. here.

What an eerie mix of blue sky and violent tornado! More pictures of the Kansas tornadoes here. Here’s storm reports for Saturday – including the small tornadoes at Oak Brook and Rockford, Illinois (both rated EF-0).

Severe Storm Reports from Saturday 4 30 22

There were 7 report of tornadoes on Saturday. Compare the day’s Severe Risk Map below with the actual severe reports above and you can see the Storm Prediction Center did an excellent job forecasting where the tornadoes and severe storms would occur later in the day. We show these outlook areas on TV when they include West Michigan and you should find them useful in planning where you are going to be when storms move in and how you can stay safe. The people in Andover, Kansas sheltered in basements – safe rooms – and interior bathrooms and closets and many were uninjured despite the fact that many structures were destroyed.

This was the severe Weather Risk Area for Saturday 4/30/22

Here’s severe weather reports from Friday – There were 20 tornadoes – 16 in Kansas, 3 in Nebraska and one in Fort Myers FL. As I type this, there were 139 reports of wind damage or severe criteria winds (+75 mph). Winds hit 84 mph at Tipton, KS and 91 mph at Davenport KS. We had 93 (as I type this) reports of severe criteria hail (1″ in diameter or greater). 16 of those reports were from hail 2″ or greater in diameter, including a 4″ diameter hail report from Enterprise KS.

This was the Severe Weather Risk Area for Saturday

Muskegon Channel Friday afternoon showing two ships just outside the channel