The first four weeks of April were 4° cooler than average. Only 5 of those days reached 60°. We had 4.35″ of precipitation. G.R. is now +2.74″ for the year 2022. Other monthly precip. totals: Battle Creek 4.43″, Holland 4.41″ and Muskegon 4.02″. We’ve had snow flurries on 8 days this month.

Mont Ripley 4 28 22 evening

The pic. above is Mont Ripley in the U.P. Lots of snow left there, though there are a few bare spots. You can see a handful of kids with snowboards.

Michigan Tech Trailcam 4 28 22

There’s still plenty of snow on the Michigan Tech Trail. As I watched, I saw a couple of guys go by on cross country skies. Low temperatures Thursday AM included 19° at Baldwin, 14° at Leota in Clare Co., 12° at Marquette and only 9° at Stonington in the U.P.

8-14 day temperature forecast from the Climate Prediction Center

The latest 8-14 day temperature outlook from the Climate Prediction Center keeps the cooler than average weather over the Pacific NW, the Great Lakes, the Ohio Valley and the Northeast. Warmer than average weather is expected across much of the South.

With the cool pattern – it’s best to be “slow to sow”, and hesitant to plant. Obviously, anything frost/freeze tolerant can be planted – but hold off planting anything frost sensitive.

Greenstone Ridge on Isle Royale in Lake Superior

Here’s a pic. from Isle Royale. There’s still plenty of snow on the ground. We do get high/low temperatures from two locations on Isle Royale: Windigo and Ojibway.

We have a parade of planets in the AM right now

There are 4 visible planets in the morning sky. The next couple mornings we’ll have a thin crescent moon rising before sunrise.