The top pic. is along M-89 in Fennville on Christmas Eve. That’s the Kingsley House Bed and Breakfast. Fennville got over 14″ of snow in 3 days from the 22nd to 24th.

December 2022 will be remembered for the Blizzard that occurred just before Christmas and to a lesser extent for a second snowstorm on Dec. 16-17. The pre-Christmas Blizzard (visibility 1/4 mile or lower for 3 (consecutive) hours along with frequent wind gusts of 35 mph or greater) produced 24.5″ of snow in four days (22nd to 25th) at the Ford Airport. The first snowstorm on Dec. 16-17 gave the airport 13.1″ in two days. Strong wind accompanied the blizzard and blew the snow into drifts 3-6 feet high.

The official weather station for Grand Rapids is at the Ford Airport. They had 17″ of snow on the ground on Christmas Day – second highest snow cover on Christmas Day, second only to the 22:” we had on the ground in 1951.

Grand Rapids had 39.6″ of snow in December. That was the 5th highest snow total ever in Grand Rapids. Combine that with the 28″ we had in November – the second snowiest November ever) and we’re already up to 67.6″ for the winter. That’s 38.7″ above average-to-date.

Summaries of December 2022 weather for Grand Rapids, Lansing, Muskegon and Kalamazoo

Grand Rapids ended the month with an average temperature of 30.1° – that was just 0.3° cooler than average.

It’s interesting to note the much lower snow total for Muskegon. The three significant snow events we’ve had this winter have been mainly lake-effect snow and they have been accompanied by strong west winds. When the wind is stronger, it blows the heavier snow bands inland to near the US 131 expressway.

Bill Steffen’s backyard – Dec. 23, 2022 in a Blizzard Warning

This is snow in my backyard on Dec. 23, 2022. By the time the storm was over, you could barely make out the picnic table. That’s a firepit to the left and that overhang of snow continued to grow for another day.

We had only 12% of possible sunshine in Grand Rapids during September. The average sunshine for December (green dashed line on the graph above) is 20%. The numbers in blue circles are the lowest % of sunshine we have ever had for each month and the numbers in the red circles are the highest percent of possible sunshine that we have had in each month.

On average, July is the sunniest month of the year and December the cloudiest. This past year, June was the sunniest month with 71% of possible sunshine. April tied for cloudiest April ever with only 30% sunshine.

In 2022 Grand Rapids had 4 months that were sunnier than average and 8 months that were cloudier than average.