Time-lapse Tornado warned storm in Allegan County 5/25/22 (Courtesy: Kevin Schippa – Storm Spotter)

The pics. here are from Kevin Schippa, who was tracking the storm south of Fennville in Allegan Co. The Grand Rapids National Weather Service issued a Tornado Warning for Western Allegan County at 7:02 pm Wednesday evening.

The general weather Wednesday evening featured a warm front lifting northeast in the southern Great Lakes There was a solid overcast with scattered showers and a few thundershowers that contained relatively little lightning. In this situation, you can get relatively small and brief tornadoes – very hard to have much lead time with a warning. More extreme examples of this type of situation were August 20, 2016 and May 21, 2001. Unlike the Gaylord tornado (EF3 – 150 mph winds), tornadoes in this type of environment tend to be EF0 (65-85 mph) or EF1 (86-110 mph).

Radarscope screen grab courtesy of Kevin Schippa in Allegan County.

Here’s a velocity radar image from Western Allegan Co. at 7:02 pm. Note where the brightest color is located. The green colors generally indicate targets (raindrops) moving toward the radar and red indicates targets moving away from the radar. Here, there is counter-clockwise rotation. This image is not at ground level, but is aloft. In general, for every 74.5 miles you are from the radar – you are looking one mile above ground level. You can see that if you are looking from far away, it’s more likely that a tornado or rotation would not be seen by the radar, because the radar beam would be going over the top of the circulation. That’s why the U.S. network of Doppler radars is close enough so that this is a rare event. Doppler radars are located in Grand Rapids, near Gaylord, NW of Detroit at White Lake, in Northern Indiana, just SW of Chicago, just W of Milwaukee and near Green Bay WI.

South of Fennville Wednesday evening – (Courtesy: Kevin Schippa – Storm Spotter)

South of Fennville Wednesday evening – (Courtesy: Kevin Schippa – Storm Spotter)

There is a Marginal Risk of a severe thunderstorm today over part of Lower Michigan. More on that threat here.