The top picture is a Wall, Texas Volunteer Emergency Response Vehicle that flipped over on icy US 87. The driver said he was going at a “slow speed” and still slid off the highway into the median, flipping over. A crew of three on board escaped without serious injury and managed to crawl out of the vehicle.

A second emergency vehicle continued on to another crash, where they had to extricate passengers from another overturned vehicle.

The Wall Valunteer Fire Department responded to 13 highway crashes in less than 48 hours. The National Weather Service and Emergency Offices urged people to stay home and not travel unless absolutely necessary.


As of 2:45 am Thursday, there were 377,258 customers without power in Texas, 14,013 in Arkansas, 9,723 in Mississippi and 3,995 in Tennessee.

I was in Dallas on Saturday – it was partly sunny and 70 degrees. The high temperatures on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were 30, 29 and 31 – all below freezing. During that day they had nearly 2/3″ of freezing rain and 1.3″ of snow. Literally thousands of flights were canceled because of the ice storm. The weather will slowly improve over the next 48 hours.