The temperature at the Muskegon Beach rose 6.3° in 6 minutes early Saturday morning. At 6:46 am, the temperature was 43.7° and the wind was calm. At 6:52 am, the temperature was up to 50.0° and the wind was west at 14 mph. The wind had started coming off the relatively warmer water of Lake Michigan. The water temperature at the buoy was 62°,.

A similar rise occurred at the S. Haven Lighthouse, where the temperature rose from 42.4° to 49.6° in an hour from 6 am to 7 am. The wind at 6 pm was ESE at 12 mph. At 7 am, the wind had shifted to the west at 18 mph.

As I type this, at 2:20 am Sunday morning, the temperature hasn’t fallen at all at the Muskegon Beach overnight. It was 55° at 6 pm and it’s still 55° at 2 am. The wind at 2 am was west at 22 mph.

Temperatures at 2:30 am Sunday Oct. 9

Here’s temperatures and wind arrows at 2:30 am Sunday. The coldest spot is Sturgis, which is also the farthest south. Most inland areas are in the low 40s. Temperatures along the lake are in the mid 50s. The relatively warmer water of Lake Michigan is making a big differences tonight.

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