Kingman, Arizona is in northwest Arizona, about 105 miles southeast of Las Vegas NV. A thunderstorm blew in from the east (as storms sometimes do in Arizona). The storm dropped the temperature from 102° at 2:55 pm to 64° at 3:55 pm – a drop of 38° in just one hour. The temperature fell 20° in just 5 minutes between 3:45 pm and 3:50 as the wind roared and the wall of rain arrived. The relative humidity was 21% at the surface when the storm roared in. The wind shifted from SW to SE to NE (when they had a gust to 55 mph) and then back to the SW. Here’s the data:

Rainfall totaled 0.46″ (nearly half an inch). (top pic. is a thunderstorm in Kingman from the city webpage)

Kingman is along I-40 and has an elevation of 3,333 ft. above sea level – high enough that it’s not quite as hot as those areas below 1,000 ft. above sea level. Yuma AZ is only 141 ft. above sea level.

The average high/low in Kingman in July is 98°/67° and in January that falls to 56°/31°. The hottest they have ever been is 113° and the lowest is 6°. They average 10.34″ of precipitation each year, but that’s quite variable. They’ve had as high as 21.22″ (1919) to as low as 3.58″ (1947). On Nov. 28, 1919 they had 6.03″ of rain in a calendar day. They average 3.7″ of snow per year, but had 14″ in Dec. 1932.

As in much of the “Desert Southwest”, normally dry creeks and rivers can be prone to flash flooding in a heavy rain event.

Like many cities in the Southwest, the population has increased fairly rapidly…from 1,276 a hundred years ago to an estimated 34,000 today.

(Bonus factoid: There is no airport in the country of Liechtenstein.)