The storms that moved through the Southern Great Lakes on Wed. produced a 78 mph wind gust at the Michigan City, Indiana Lighthouse. The pic. above, taken at 2:34 PM is the storm about to hit. The wind direction shifted from south (before the storm hit) to west (during the storm) to east-southeast (after the storm passed) and then back to south. When the storm came in – the temperature here dropped from 88.9 to 71.8.

Looking West from the Michigan City IN Lighthouse at 7:34 pm CDT

In the evening, a little clearing was visible to the west. It’s hard to see, but if you look about an inch to the left of the signal light, you can see the tall buildings of Chicago that are about 40 miles away.

South Haven Channel just before the storm moved in 8 3 22

This pic. was taken from the S. Haven Lighthouse before the storm. There is a spider web on the camera. I wondered how the spider got out there. It’s a long walk and hard to accomplish without getting stepped on. The wind is almost always blowing from the lake toward the land. Anyway, the storm hit – the Lighthouse had heavy rain and a peak wind gust of 62 mph.

Picture from after the storm from the S. Haven Lighthouse

Here’s a picture taken just after the storm. There’s no spider web (and probably no spider?). The high temperature was 92 at the S. Haven Airport, but just 80.8 at the Lighthouse. The peak wind at the S. Haven buoy was 49 mph.

Thunder Bay Island Lighthouse 6 pm Wed. 8 3 22

Here’s a pic. from a rare moment of sunshine at the Thunder Bay Island Lighthouse. Here at the Lighthouse, the high temperature was 72 on Wed. and the low temp. was 67 – only a five degree difference – and much cooler out on the island.

Here’s rainfall totals from the storm.

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