GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The only complete lunar eclipse of the year will happen Sunday evening. If the weather cooperates, it will be especially brilliant due to the fact the moon will be undergoing a close pass to Earth, making it appear slightly bigger in the sky. 

During totality, the moon will appear blood red as it passes through Earth’s shadow. This is where the term “blood moon” comes from. We will begin to see the moon transform just before midnight at 11:41 p.m. Sunday. The effect will last for about an hour. 

We usually see about two to three lunar eclipses a year across the world. This particular eclipse will be visible in North and South America.

The weather will be cold in West Michigan for viewing with lows dipping below zero by early Monday morning. 

A few clouds will be around due to a northwest wind over a still-warm Lake Michigan. 

Many kids won’t have school Monday, so a midnight wake-up call to watch the super blood moon may be a nice memory-maker. 

A full moon in January is known as a “wolf woon,” so some are calling this event the super blood wolf moon. 

If you get photos or videos of the eclipse, you can send them to Be sure to inclue your name and where the images were taken.