Some Snow Pics.


Thanks to Bruce for sending me this pic. from Butch Deveraux. This is in the Wind River Range of Wyoming – August 10. The snow here is about 6 feet deep and the “drift” is half a mile long.

Snow on Mt. Hood in Oregon

They also have some snow on Mt. Hood in Oregon (pic. from Tue. 8/13)

This is Mt. Baker in Washington

This is Mt. Baker in Washington State. The world record for the most snow in one year is now held by Mount Baker (elevation: 10,775 feet / 3,285 meters) in Washington State, USA. The Mount Baker Ski Area reported 1,140 inches (95 feet) / 2,896 cm (29 meters) of snowfall for the 1998-99 season.

Heavy rain in Indiana Monday night

While we’ve been mostly dry, some heavy rain fell in N. Indiana – especially northwest of Fort Wayne, where over 4″ fell.

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