This pic. is a screen grab from a web cam in Mt. Rainier N.P. in Washington State. Looks like mid-January. A combination of snow and fog was greatly reducing visibility and contributing to some slippery spots on area roads.

Jackson Visitor Center in Mt. Rainier N.P.

Here’s the Visitor Center. They’re not letting people up here now. Look at how much snow they still have on the ground.

Here’s another pic. from Mt. Rainier N.P. Saturday evening.

Paradise (in the park) measures snowfall. The most they ever had in a winter was 1,122″ in the winter of 1971-72. The least snowfall in a winter was 266″ in 2014-24. They had 672″ last winter. Nearby Mt. Baker had 127″ from April 1-24 and snowfall this winter through 4/24 was 647″. As I type this Stampede Pass is reporting moderate snow, a visibility of 1/4 mi. and a temp. of 32 degrees.

Here’s a map showing how much snow will fall in the higher elevations of northern and central California. Lower elevations will see rain. Reserviors are low (not record low levels) and any precipitation will help.
This is a graph of the water storage of Shasta Lake, the largest reservoir in California. It’s been creeping slowly upward the past couple weeks mostly from snowmelt. The storage (water levels) remains well below average, but well above the record low year of 1976-77.