Snow in the Northwest, Much Warmer in Alaska


The pic. above was taken near Timberline, Oregon. The Timberline Ski Area reported 13″ of new snowfall in 24 hours and 31″ of snowfall in 72 hours. Check out the video of them clearing snow from the field before the Bears/Seahawks game. Snowfall in Washington included 18.4″ at Glacier, 16″ near Port Angeles, 15″ at Joyce, 13.5″ at Chehalis, 6″ at Olympia and 2-6″ across Seattle. Record cold in the Pacific NW. This was only the 3rd “snow game” in the last 20 years in Seattle. Nice job Nick Foles.

Snowfall in Forest Grove, Oregon

This is west of Portland. Snow actually fell along the coastline of Washington and N. Oregon. Snowfall in Oregon totaled 15.1″ at Oakridge, 8″ at Dallas, 7″ at Rainier and Springfield, 5″ at Corvalis and 4″ at Salem.

On the other side of the coin, a major storm system has pumped record-breaking warm air up into much of Alaska. As I type this at 1:30 am EST, the temperature is up to 40 in Fairbanks…that’s 40 above zero, not below – and it’s raining there. Kodiak is at 59 degrees. Much of NE Alaska is still cold. Arctic Village is -14 at this hour and across the border in the Yukon, it’s currently -36F at Fort Nelson and -35 at Watson Lake.

Freezing Rain in Alaska

The storm has also brought some parts of Alaska heavy snow, freezing rain, rain and high winds. Currently, there are 13,074 customers without power in Alaska, 8,316 in Washington State and 4,882 in Oregon.

East Glacier MT was -24F at midnight EST.

Thunderstorm Outlook Map for Tuesday

A non-severe thunderstorm is possible Tuesday over a large part of the Gulf States up to the Ohio Valley, covering all of 5 states and parts of 10 others. The Chicago Water Intake had a gust to 55 mph shortly before 11 pm Sunday. There was a 70 mph gust at the S.. Haven airport. There were several reports of small hail with the thundershowers in N. Illinois.

Global Lightning

The map above shows annual global lightning. There is more lightning over land than over the water. The place with the most lightning in the U.S. is the Florida Peninsula. If you really want to watch lightning, head to central Africa or to the Lake Maracaibo region of Venezuela.

Hottest Temperature ever on Christmas Day in the state of Texas

Texas recorded the highest temperature ever on Christmas Day (note – I have wondered why the station at Rio Grande Village is often warmer relative to other stations in SW Texas and N Mexico).

ALSO: Lightning in SW Michigan overnight. Man struck by lightning – survives. Record snowfall in Japan. Coldest temperature in December in Canada in 23 years, down to -60F, With a high of just -23.0°C, yesterday was Calgary‘s coldest Christmas Day in more than 80 years, since 1937. No White Christmas for the 12th straight year for the Washington /Baltimore Metros. The last White Christmas was Dec 2009 when 6-9″ of snow was still on the ground from the “Snowpocalypse”. Peak wind gusts in Nebraska from the cold front tonight (in mph): Ogallala 55 Imperial 52 Valentine 51 North Platte 49. The Bismarck ND Airport is now up to 6 inches of snow for the day, and 10.4 inches since yesterday! Poor Omak, Washington! They have had a rough day where the daytime high only reached 7F. They are currently 3F, North wind 32 MPH gusting to 41, with a wind chill of -22F!

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