This is plowing on the Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National park. The picture was taken June 18th. It’s just east of Logan Pass. This photo shows the crews chipping away at the Big Drift. The Big Drift is a large wind-blown deposit of snow that is always one of the largest obstacles encountered by the crews. It is usually 60 to 80 feet deep. Plows chew at it from both sides to open this last section of the road. In the picture, three bulldozers work on clearing the massive snowdrift that is 3 to 4 times the height of the equipment. A large section of unplowed snow can be seen to the right.

Map of the Going to the Sun Road

Here’s a map of the Going-to-the Sun Road. Logan Pass is the highest elevation (6,646ft/2025m) reachable by car in the park. In June, the average high temp. at Logan Pass is 60° and the average low temp. is 36°.

North American Snow and Ice Cover

Here’s North American snow and ice cover. Hudson Bay is thawing and as it often does, from north to south. Great Bear Lake is still ice covered. The ice is almost gone from Great Slave Lake.

Polar Bears on Hudson Bay

This map from Environment Canada shows polar bears still out on the ice of Hudson Bay as of June 19. Some good “social distancing” going on here and they seem to be doing well.

Graph of ice on Hudson Bay from Zachary Labe

Hudson Bay ice melts in June and early July, with the ice usually completely gone through most or all of September and October. The ice grows back fairly rapidly in November and early December. The ice would have been at a high point after three successive very cold winters from 1976-79.

Parts of Idaho and Western Montana had a “historic” snowfall earlier this month. The National Weather Service in Pocatello said it hasn’t issued a winter weather product in June in at least 15 years. The National Weather Service in Boise said it’s only snowed a few times at Bogus Basin in June over the past 20 years.

The Tamarack Ski Resort had a storm total of 17 inches, Bogus Basin had about 8 inches and Brundage had close to 15 inches.

Snow in Idaho – Blaine County – June 17, 2020

The pics. above and below are from the Blaine Co. Sheriff’s facebook page. They said: “According to our deputies dealing with stuck vehicles this morning, Mother Nature dropped 10″ north of Galena Summit and 6″ south of Galena Summit last night in South Central Idaho.”

Snow in Idaho 6 17 20

The snowstorm set records. Here’s another pic. of the pretty snow:

Record late season snowfall in W. Montana and Idaho