Snow showers have diminished and will totally end later this Sunday. There are drifts are as high as 2-3 feet in a few places. Here’s the latest Grand Rapids NWS Forecast Discussion, Michigan weather observations and a Michigan weather map. The pic. above is +14″ of snow on the ground in Middleville – from Kaylie Sayer.

The Winter Storm Warnings and Advisories expired this SUNDAY at 3:30 am.

Temperatures will hold in the 20s Sunday, below freezing. Watch out for icy spots – especially on sidewalks, driveways, side streets and lesser-traveled roads. Snowfall on Thursday totaled 7.6″ officially in Grand Rapids at the Ford Airport. That was a record snowfall for the date. Kalamazoo totaled 5.1″. Then we had 7.0″ at the Ford Airport on Friday and 8.7″ on Sunday. That’s a 3-day total of 23.3″. The snow settles down – some of the air comes out of the snow – so we had significantly less than 23.3″ on the ground…it’s around a foot of snow cover.

Looking out my backdoor – early Friday AM

Here’s a picture of the snow in my backyard – early Friday afternoon. The fire pit has almost disappeared. I didn’t measure, but it looks like a good foot of snow here in Comstock Park.

Winds will be west or west up to 15 mph – still causing a little drifting.


WOOD TV8 Closing List.

‘Much of this snow will melt next week as temperatures climb back up to 40 degrees.

Michigan’s ski season opened this weekend. Ski Brule in the U.P. – often the first resort in the state to open, was open this weekend. Lift tickets were half-price this weekend. Several other resorts are hoping to be open for Thanksgiving Weekend.

Here’s the Storm Team 8 Winter Outlook.

Also, check out coverage of the amazing lake-effect snowfall around Buffalo NY. the highest totals here reached 4-7 FEET of snowfall. They have had thundersnow and snowfall rates up to 3″ an hour for 3 days in a row.