It’s still September, but winter has already come to parts of Alaska. This beautiful pic. is McKinley North (Denali N.P.). There’s lots of fresh snow, sunshine and a bright blue sky. Check out this picture of 30″ of fresh snow in the Chugash Mountains. This is east of Anchorage. Here’s another pic. from Near Point.

Anchorage had their first snowflakes of the year on Sept. 24th. Fairbanks has had at least a trace of snow on five of the last 7 days and hasn’t had a day warmer than average in the last two weeks.

Chandalar Lake, Alaska

This pic. is from an FAA camera at Chandalar Lake AK. The clouds make an interesting pattern of shadows on the nearby mountains.

Portage Glacier, Alaska

This is Portage Glacier Alaska. You can see the fuzzy top of the mountains – when you see that it could eithr be clouds putting a “hat” on the mountain or it could be blowing snow. Anaktuvuk Pass, Alaska was 6 above zero Sunday morning.

Graph of Arctic Sea Ice Extent

This graph from the Danish Meteorological Institute shows Arctic Sea Ice Extent. The black to red line is 2021. It looks like Arctic ice reached it’s annual minimum early this month. The minimum this year is the greatest extent to date since 2014.

Graph of Antarctic Sea Ice Extent

This is a graph of Antarctic Sea Ice Extent from the National Snow and Ice Data Center. The extent is currently below the 1981-2010 average after having been above the average for much of the summer.