Here’s four radar images (four different radar products) of a line of showers and thunderstorms (there wasn’t much lightning with this) that what appears to have produced 6 brief, small tornadoes in SE Wisconsin. Check out the comments here. Video of one of the tornadoes. Time-lapse of tornado-warned storm coming into Milwaukee. Tornado video. A 73 mph wind gust was recorded at Cudahy WI. In less than 90 minutes, more tornado warnings (7) were issued across Wisconsin than any other October on record dating back to 1986 (previous max 6). Since 1950, there have (before Wed.) been 22 in the state. On October 3, 1903 – two violent tornadoes occurred in Wisconsin and another strong tornado in Illinois. More tornado video. Car stops for tornado. Big tree snapped off.

Picture from downtown Chicago – around 3 pm

This picture from Chicago shows the skyscraper on the right side of the picture up in the clouds. This was a situation where you can, on rare occasion, get small spin-ups – These are mostly EF0 tornadoes that last a couple minutes and fade away. Damage is usually confined to a few trees/wires down. It’s tough to get a warning out to do much good because of the short duration of the rotation. Yesterday’s storms did leave 22,000 customers without power in SE Wisconsin. Look at the tree damage here.

The tornadoes were spotted near the towns of Whitewater, Pewaukee, Elkhorn, Brown Deer, Franksville and Burlington. ALSO – a waterspout was spotted west of Muskegon County over Lake Michigan.

Here’s a summary of severe storm reports from SE Wisconsin.

The National Weather Service will conduct storm surveys and I’ll let you know what they conclude.

NoteTornado debris signatures are a little easier to see in mid-fall because of all the leaves – they can be picked up by even small tornadoes and the radar can “see” that there is something there significantly bigger than the usual raindrops.

ALSO: Comment from a viewer: “We just spent a few days at the top of the mitten and wanted to let you know the color north of Cadillac is great, but between Kalkaska and Petoskey on US131 it is awesome…the best we have ever seen.”

AND7 waterspouts over the Black Sea. Hail in Hamilton AL. Fall colors in the U.P. Fall color in Colorado. Fall colors in New Brunswick. Fall colors in N. Carolina. Cbs at sunset. The Oceanside CA pier at sunset. Lightning and a rainbow. Another lightning and rainbow. Nice lightning video.