Rainfall was significant over much of West Michigan this past weekend. Here’s a link to some rainfall totals.

Rainfall Totals for the Weekend in West Michigan

Grand Rapids had 1.85″ of rain on Saturday and that was a record for any August 13th. It was a soaking rain that should really help most farmers (the hay that was cut didn’t need to get wet like that).

Rainfall totals in West Michigan

There was a lot of water in Pentwater…over 3 1/2 inches of rain fell there. Fortunately, we did not get any reports of any significant flooding.

Record Lowest High Temperatures for August 13th in West Michigan

Saturday’s high temperatures were the coldest ever for any August 13th in West Michigan. The high of 62° in Grand Rapids was the coolest high temp. on any August day since 2015 (7 years). Sixty-two is the average high temperature for October 12th. The afternoon high temperature was just 58°.

High and Low Temperatures for Sunday August 14

Here’s high temperatures for Sunday August 14. It was warmer than Saturday, but still well below the average high temperatures for mid-August (81° for Grand Rapids and 82° for Kalamazoo.

Grand Rapids had 0% sunshine on Saturday and just 2% sunshine on Sunday. The last time we had back-to-back days that cloudy in August was in 2009.

These were the water temperatures taken Sunday. We had a classic upwelling. A northeast wind pushed the warmer water away from the shore and colder water came up from well below the surface. They measured the water temp. at 46° at Holland State Park! With winds remaining from the northeast, the water temperatures along the Michigan shore will likely stay chilly most of this week.

Inland lakes will be warmer for swimming this week. Reeds Lake in East Grand Rapids shows a water temperature of 74° early Monday morning (15th).

North American Snow and Ice Cover

Here’s North American snow and ice cover. You can still see a few yellow dots on the south shore of Hudson Bay, so there is still a little ice there. It’s possible that floating icebergs – too small to see from satellites – might linger until the end of August in Hudson Bay. There is still snow on the highest peaks in Washington State, on Mt. Hood in Oregon and in British Columbia and Alaska.

Here’s a webcam grab from Utqiagvik (Barrow), Alaska. The high temperature there as of 5 pm Sunday was just 37°. The average high temperature for today is 46°. They had a north wind right off the Arctic Ocean. The warmest temperature so far this summer in Utqiagvik has been 69° on July 26th. They have had only 2.85″ of precipitation all this year, so far. It’s truly an Arctic desert. On Sunday, the sunrise at Utquiagvik was at 5:01 am and the sunset was at 11:48 pm. There is still some twilight all night long. However, they are losing 13 minutes of daylight each day now.
Beautiful Mt. Rainier in Washington State on Sunday, August 14 – a bright, clear day
On the climb to the top of Mt. Rainier – lots of snow left on the mountain. This is Camp Schurman
Camp Muir on Mt. Rainier – where you can pitch your tent in the snow in late August
Another view of the Cascade Mountains from Camp Muir – Looking South

In the pic. above you can see Mt. Adams in the distance – also covered with snow. At the Paradise Weather Station in Mt. Rainier National Park, they recorded 708″ of snow this past winter!

ALSO: Beautiful waterspout in Greece. Astronomy picture of the day. Beautiful sunrise on Lake Monona in Madison, Wisconsin. Beautiful roll cloud preceding a thunderstorm in Scotland. Graph of annual landfalling hurricanes in Cuba. “Chocolate Waterfall”. Niagara Falls.

Here’s radar:


We should be dry in West Michigan from today (Monday) through Friday. No 90’s in the next week and probably beyond.

National radar – some showers in S. Texas as I write this and in the desert Southwest. The tropics remain unusually quiet. We have not had any Atlantic named tropical storms since Colin weakened to a tropical depression on July 2nd, and none forecast for the next 5 days per National Hurricane Center. The last time that the Atlantic had no named storm activity between July 3 and August 16 was 1999.