The map above shows severe weather reports in the U.S. during the month of June. Red dots are tornadoes, blue dots are wind damage and green dots are hail. Look at the difference between Michigan and Ohio. Michigan did not have any tornadoes in June. There were only 4 reports of severe criteria hail (1″ in diameter or greater) and 37 reports of wind damage.

Ohio on the other hand had 16 tornadoes in June, 27 reports of large hail and a whopping 306 reports of wind damage. That’s more than 8 times the wind damage reports in Michigan.

Trees and wires down in Fort Wayne IN after Derecho with 98 mph winds hits on 6 13 22

Many of the Ohio reports are from June 13 – when a derecho moved through a large portion of Ohio. That evening we had an 82.3 mph gust at the South Haven Lighthouse and a 98 mph wind gust at Fort Wayne, IN.

We have still only had one tornado in Michigan this year…the Gaylord tornado back on May 20.