Road Trip to Wisconsin – Day 4


Looking east from our room Monday AM

This was our view looking east over Lake Michigan Monday AM at the Bed and Breakfast we stayed at. It had rained overnight – I heard a couple cracks of thunder. I’m such a weather geek that when I wake up to thunder, I run to the window to see what’s going on and then to the computer to see radar. It was windy and all night long, we heard the waves crashing against the rocky beach below, but the waves subsided at daybreak as the wind turned to the west.

They get up early here! Coffee was ready at 6:15 am and Breakfast was at 8 am. We had “Mexican Quiche” and it was really good! One of the best things about a Bed and Breakfast is that you have breakfast with other couples. Turns out, the four couples there were from four different states. About half of the crowd were retired or current teachers. We had pleasant conversation and then went on our way. We headed north from Algoma.

No frost yet here, so there were many flowers and berries. There was been a lot of rain, so everything was very green.

Migrating Monarch Butterfly

There were many (we saw many dozens if not hundreds) migrating monarch butterflies. This one gave me a pretty pose on a beach we stopped at. We also saw over half a dozen V-shaped wedges of Canada geese – all flying from north to south.

Erosion from high water levels at a county park

We stopped at a wonderful county park. This was the beach…rocks here, not sand. You can see the effect of the high water levels. Part of the bank and some trees have collapsed down into the beach and water. Those are friendly cumulus clouds in the background.

Black swans?

We watched these two waterfowl swim a long distance from north to south. There was a third one that was a block behind the other two. They were pretty far away. That was as close as I could get with my phone. They looked like either dark-colored swans or dark, gray geese.

Sturgeon Bay Channel Lighthouse and Breakwater

This was the south breakwater of the Sturgeon Bay Channel (Lake Michigan side). You could walk out a long ways on the breakwater. I didn’t go all the way out. There were over a hundred gulls, ducks and geese at the end of the breakwater and I didn’t want to disturb them. I didn’t know if there was a connection between the breakwater I was on and the breakwater the pier light on the right was on.

Looking northwest from the south breakwater toward the lighthouse and a passing fishing boat

Here’s the view to the northwest from the south breakwater. You can see the lighthouse, a passing fishing boat, some cirrus clouds at the top of the picture and some stratocumulus just above the trees.

Looking west toward Sturgeon Bay

This pic. was taken a little over a mile west of the last picture…the ship channel connects to Sturgeon Bay. You can see some towering cumulus in the distance. A fishing boat was passing by and I had a short conversation with the guys in the boat. They had caught nothing but seaweed, but were retired and enjoying the day. We then headed over the bridge (in the distance on the left in this pic. up the peninsula.

With all the rain they’ve had here, every temporary creek was flowing. This was one of three creeks I had to run and jump over walking probably no more than a couple blocks.

You can’t see it well in the pic., but there was a waterfall here – only about 2 feet high – but it was making the happiest sound.

Here’s another creek emptying into Lake Michigan

This is another creek emptying into Lake michigan. The water volume was very high and the darker, muddier water from the creek could be seen relatively far out into the lake.

Methodist Church at Jacksonport WI

This Methodist Church at Jacksonport is pretty much the same as it was when it was built in 1892. It has the same pews, the same organ and the same pulpit. Services are held each Sunday from April to October and also on Christmas Eve. Note the tree that has changed color.

Here are some red maple leaves across from the Methodist Church

We have maybe 5-10% color here in Door Co. Wisconsin. Most everything is still green. Here are some red, maple leaves across from the Methodist Church in Jacksonport.

Here are some pretty flowers at the Methodist Church. I do not know what they are…but they were pretty.

Flag showing a pleasant west wind at a county park

We stopped at this little park. There was a pier with a nice flag on the end that had been donated. Because of the high water level, you had to jump about 4 feet to get over some water at the start of the pier. Water had come up over the pier and where there was water, the pier was very slippery. Also there was a lot of gull-droppings on the pier to step around. Beautiful view here.

Zoomed in picture of clouds to the east

On the beach here, I took this picture looking east…zoomed in as far as far as I could. I’m guessing these clouds were on the other side of Lake Michigan in West Michigan. We could also see towering cumulus clouds to the south, west and north – all a pretty good distance away.

Lake Michigan satellite picture

Here’s the Lake Michigan satellite picture from Mon. PM. You can tell the wind was west…with the cumulus clouds between Milwaukee and Chicago going out a little over the lake before dissipating and the west wind causing clear skies right at the West Michigan shore and clouds forming a little to the east. You can see the puffier, towering cumulus clouds circling Door County and the Green Bay Peninsula.

Here’s some posted safely rules from the Coast Guard

These Coast Guard safety rules are posted at several of the beaches. These are all good safety rules. I have a kayak and I always wear a life jacket, 199% of the time…even if I know I will be in shallow water.

This is the county park at Cave Point

This picture was taken at Cave Point County Park. There are cliffs in door county and they get very slippery when wet. This is a county park, surrounded by a state park…lots of nice hiking trails here.

Looking off a cliff unto some green rocks

I’m up on a cliff here…looking down at the water, which looks green. The water is clear and you can see some greenish rocks below the surface. The water was quite clear here…I’d guess you could see down easily 8-10 feet.

This is Cana Island

Here’s Cana Island. You can’t see it in this picture, but there is a lighthouse on the island. There is a causeway going out to the island which is underwater because of the high water levels. Weather permitting, they pull people across the underwater causeway on a tractor and haywagon to see the lighthouse. You certainly couldn’t do it on a day with decent waves. The causeway didn’t appear to be marked.

Standing water and water over the road northeast of Green Bay

This area has had a lot of rain. Here, the standing water is not just in the ditch…it’s come over the road and is actually flowing over the road. Green Bay has already had 8.28″ of rain this month and 37.59″ for the year – that’s 14.83″ above average. Green Bay had thunderstorms on 9 of the first 22 days of September.

Rowley Bay, Wisconsin

Here’s where we landed for the night – at Rowley Bay. The lake (bay) was calm, the wind died down. It was too late to rent a kayak, so we went for a little walk.

There was a fish boil for dinner. The smoke/steam is missing my wife, though it doesn’t look like it in the pic. In the pot there’s fish, potatoes, onions – and sometimes other vegetables. Tomorrow should be a nice day for our next adventure.

Also: Check out a ship moving thru Great Lakes Locks in fast motion. The temperature at the Muskegon Beach rose from 60.8° to 66.5° between 11 pm and midnight last night…as the wind shifted from south to west southwest.

Storm Total Rainfall from Sunday

Here’s Storm Total Rainfall from Sunday. Note the stripe of heavy rainfall from Holland to Grand Rapids to Saginaw. Some totals: Beechwood 3.91″, Ada 3.63″, Macatawa 3.60″, Byron Center 2.75″, Hudsonville 2.65″, Grandville 2.64″, Grand Rapids (airport) 2.56″, Holland 2.48″.

10 of the 14 severe weather reports in the U.S. on Monday were in Arizona. Two people were injured near Willcox AZ when strong winds tipped over several mobile homes.

In the tropics…Tropical Storm Jerry will likely bring a period of tropical storm winds and heavy rain to the island of Bermuda. Tropical Depression Karen may bring heavy rain to Puerto Rico and Tropical Storm Lorenzo is not too far west of Africa – but continues to move west. In the Pacific, Tropical Storm Kiko will weaken into a depression, then fade away over open waters. Tropical Cyclone Hikaa in the Indian Ocean is a rather small storm, but powerful enough to give parts of E. Africa strong winds and heavy rainfall.

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