Gayle and I hit the road Wed. AM and traveled north to the Old Mission Peninsula to see Daughter #3’s family. We stopped at Bry’s Secret Garden (see pic above) where they grow lavender. We bought a couple lavender items and had some Moomer’s ice cream. Here’s me amid the lavender and a thousand bees. To a honeybee, the lavender field is Old Country Buffet. There was quite a hum, but the bees didn’t bother me. Note the beautiful towering cumulus clouds in the distance to the east-southeast.

Bry’s Secret Garden and Lavender Farm – Old Mission Peninsula

Here’s a wider view of the farm looking to the ENE. This is a delightful time to be here. The water temperature of the bays is warmer, so it’s not as cool as some days in early summer (late May, early June), when the wind comes off colder water. Afternoon temps. have been running around 75° to 80° on the Peninsula.

This is looking east over the East Bay late Wednesday afternoon.

I took this pic., looking east over the East Bay. While it was clear overhead and to the west, you could see a line of towering cumulus and small cumulonimbus to the east. These clouds were along the lake breeze convergence, where the prevailing NNE wind met the NNW wind coming off Lake Michigan and the bay.

Satellite picture late Wednesday afternoon

Here’s a satellite picture from late Wed. PM. Note the north/south line of clouds to the east of Traverse Bay. These were the clouds and small showers along the lake-breeze pictured above. Far to the north, barely visible on the northern horizon above the water from where I was, you could see the towering cumulus that was north of the Mackinac Bridge.

One more pic. of the clouds to the east Wed. evening

Here’s one more pic. of the clouds to the east Wed. evening. We watched a sailboat go back and forth across the bay, some kids tubing and laughing hysterically and we watched about 20 loons as they disappeared under the water looking for dinner and then resurfacing.

This Thursday AM, we went and got some fresh peaches from a nearby farm and had those with our coffee for breakfast. I’ll update later this evening as we continue our adventure. Thanks for reading my blog.

ALSO: A new bridge has been proposed here in the Traverse City Area – it would be the 3rd longest bridge in Michigan and the largest bridge owned by a county agency in the U.S. It would cost upwards of 100 million dollars.