Relatively Warm in the East and Cool in the West


:Pic. above is expected high temperatures this Thu., 10/14. We’ll be a touch cooler today in Michigan, but still warmer than average, which is highs in the low 60s and lows in the low 40s. You can see the pattern of warmer than average temperatures east of the Rockies and cooler than average across from the Rockies to the West.

Snow along I-90 in Montana

This was the scene along Interstate 90 near Homestake, Montana (from Montana DOT). Much of the higher elevations of the West picked up some snow. 7″ of new snow in Bozeman MT.

Snow Forecast from the Weather Prediction Center

Here’s the Snow Forecast for today from the Weather Prediction Center. Significant snow will fall across a good portion of S. Montana and Wyoming, plus the higher elevations of Utah and Colorado. Check out the snow in Yellowstone. Beautiful snow in N. China. Snow in Scotland. More snowcams from Montana. Thundersnow in the high mountains of S. California. Snow in New Mexico. Early spring snowfall in Australia.

High Temperatures for next Saturday 10/16

Some of the cool air in the Rockies will move east into the Great Lakes this weekend, where high temps. will be in the upper 50s.

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