We set a daily record for the extent of snow on the ground in the contiguous U.S. Wednesday (and likely Thursday as well (I haven’t gone thru the date yet. The records only go back 20 years, but in that time, we’ve never had a snow extent greater than this for any November 16.

The National Snow Analysis from the National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center shows that 41.1% of the contiguous had snow on the ground Wednesday morning. It was 40.6% on Thursday. The previous record high extent for Nov. 16 was 37.0% in 2014. The least snow extent on any November 16 was 1.0% in 2016. The average snow extent for the 20-year period is 14.8% (that includes the 41.1% from this year).

Snow extent can vary quite a bit from day-to-day and week-to-week, but looking at just the snapshot of Nov. 16 – snow seems to be increasing. For the first 10 years (2003-12), the average snow extent on Nov. 16 was 12.2%. For the last 10 years (2013-22) the average was 16.3%.

The greatest 24-hour snowfall Wednesday was 30.6″ at Hoback River Canyon in Wyoming.

Temperature difference from average for November 1-16

The map above (from WeatherBell) shows temperature difference from average for Nov. 1-16. Essentially, it was warmer than average in the East an Colder than average in the West. For Grand Rapids, Nov. 1-16 was 4.2° warmer than average. The first 11 days of the month were 9.7° warmer than average. The last five days have been 6.8° colder than average. Grand Rapids added 0.4″ of snow on Wed. bringing our monthly/seasonal total to 4.0″.

There was a 17-car pile-up on I-94 Wed. AM. Up to 3 FEET of snow could fall near Buffalo NY. Wait – up to 44″ of new snow near Buffalo. Train on bridge by waterfall in N.Y. Possible severe thunderstorms in the South on Thanksgiving Day. Signs that we’ll have at least a couple of cold weeks in December. -47.5°C in Segen-Kyuel, Russia. that’s 12C below average. First snow of the season in Kiev, Ukraine – with high temperatures in the low 30s and lows near 20. A significant part of the country does not have power or heat. You probably heard that the NFL game scheduled for Buffalo NY has been moved to Detroit’s Ford Field. Parts of the Buffalo area already had more than 2 feet of snow and it’ll snow most of the day today (Fri.) and Sat.

Simulated future radar.