This past November was the 2nd snowiest ever, second only to Nov. 2014. We had 28″ of snow, including the first time ever, in any month, that Grand Rapids had 3 consecutive days with 7″ or more of snow (7.6″ on the 17th, 7.9″ on the 18th and 8.7″ on the 19th. We had 6 consecutive day with measurable snow from the 15th thru the 20th. Average snowfall for November for Grand Rapids is 7.1″. Note the lower snowfall total at Muskegon. The snow event during the 17th-19th came with a fairly strong west wind. That wind blew the heaviest lake-effect snowfall inland to around the US 131 corridor with less snowfall close to Lake Michigan. Lansing had more snow than Muskegon.

We’ve had close to average temperatures since the end of May in Gr. Rapids.

The average high temperature in Gr. Rapids for November was 49.0 degrees and that was 1.8 degrees warmer than average. The average low temperature for the month was 32.8 degrees and that was exactly average. Add those two numbers up and divide by two and you get an average temperature that was 0.9 deg. warmer than average. We set a daily record high temperature with a high of 75 on the 10th.

From Nov. 1-11, the temperature was 8,7 degrees warmer than average without a single day colder than average. Then, the next 12 days were all colder than average. Finally, the last 7 days of the month were all warmer than average.

We had above average sunshine (39%) and that was nice. The average wind speed was 10.2 mph. We did have some breezy days. The peak wind gust in G.R. was 53 mph on the 5th.

Precipitation (rain and melted snow) totaled 2.33″, which was 0.77″ below average.