There is no sign of any Arctic air coming our way in the next +10 days. The map above is the latest 8-14 day temperature outlook from the Climate Prediction Center for January 12-18. As you can see, most all the contiguous U.S. is expected to be warmer than average. In January, average high temperatures are in the low 30s with average low temperatures near 20.

This is the 8-14 day precipitation forecast for the same period, January 12-18. Near average precipitation is expected and I’ll add below average snowfall. That would make sense. When it’s warmer than average, more of the precipitation falls as rain instead of snow and it’s not cold enough for lake-effect snow to develop.

This is not to say that we won’t get any snow, just that odds favor less than average. Also, keep in mind that as long as the temperature falls below freezing at night, ski areas can turn on the snow guns and make snow, so they may be open even with temperatures a little above average and little natural snowfall.

In the above map…you can see the “Above” over California. They have another “atmospheric river” headed their way.

Flood watches have been issued for much of California for up to 2-4″ of rain in the valleys and an incredible 8-10″ in the coastal mountains. These heavy rains will again produce widespread flooding. On the other hand, these heavy rains will continue to help refill the reservoirs, which have been running on the low side.
High Wind Warning for California – Power Outages are Likely
Severe Weather Outlook Map for Thursday 1/5/23

This is the Severe Weather Outlook Map for today (Thu. 1/5). No severe weather is expected, but a random thunderstorm is possible over much of the state of California and also over the Florida Peninsula. Regardless of whether there are thunderstorms…high winds are likely in California, especially along the coast, in the windward foothills and in the high mountains of CA.

Storm Reports from Wednesday

There were 3 tornadoes Wednesday, two in Georgia and one in South Carolina. One injury was reported from thunderstorms winds at Sandersville GA. There were two reports of minor wind damage from thunderstorm winds in California.

Snow for N Lower Michigan and the U.P. Watch for slick spots this Thursday in these areas.

Here in West Michigan, this Thursday will be cloudy and cool with occasional light snow. The snow may accumulate a dusting to an inch on grassy areas, but it should pretty much melt on the pavement, especially the main roads. Mainly dry weather is expected from Friday into early next week.

The higher elevations in the Sierra Nevada Mtns. could see 4-7 FEET of snowfall.

Video of the Macon Co. tornado in Illinois yesterday. More pics. of the Illinois tornadoes. Pic. of grain silo in the middle of US 51 in Illinois.

ALSO: Yesterday (Tue. Jan. 3) we had the latest sunrise of the year (except for a few days right before the November time change to Standard Time). Sunrise was at 8:14 am in downtown Grand Rapids and 8:17 am in Muskegon. Daylight is slow to increase in January, but we do gain 51 minutes of daylight during the month.

We’re right about at the full moon. Unfortunately, our persistent clouds will continue to prevent us from seeing it. We had 0% sunshine in G.R. again on Wednesday. I call this cloudy pattern the “stratus quo”. Officially, Grand Rapids has yet to see our first minute of sunshine in 2023.

The water temperature of Reeds Lake is 34°.

At 11 pm Tuesday – the temperature was 57° at Kalamazoo and 40° in Grand Rapids (warm front got up to Barry County). The high temp. at Michigan City IN was 61°.

Lightning near Holland Tuesday evening. Beautiful Scotland. There is relatively little ice on the Great Lakes. When it got cold, the wind was too strong for much ice to form. The blizzard and storm system noticeably cut the demand for gasoline in the U.S. The Jeopardy announcer is 94 1/2 years old! 50″ of new snow for Buffalo NY starting 12 days ago and now their snow depth is just a trace. December of 2022 finished with a global tropospheric temperature anomaly of +0.05 degC above the 1991-2020 average. Donner Summit recorded 7.5 inches of snow in 1 hour! From BAMWX: “The #PolarVortex remains strong and generally displaced into Asia rather than North America. No true source of really cold air for *at least* the next two weeks.” Northern Lights in Saskatchewan. Close lightning hit. Storm damage at Smith Lake AL. Selsey sunset. I walked down this bridge. Nice satellite loop of the Pacific storm that’s headed to CA. Tornado video Jessieville AR. Flood rescue in CA. Heavy rime icing on trees – England. Awesome atmospheric optics. Snow in Arizona.