My daughter Michelle continues with details of our trip to London:

Breakfast at the hotel – fresh apples, eggs, English sausage and cocoa crispies

Tuesday morning, we had a hearty breakfast. Baked beans taste great in tomato sauce, and they are a breakfast food! Then, we headed into the city on the new Elizabeth train line. We transferred to the Green Line and took it to Tower Bridge. Tower Bridge is my favorite London icon. That’s probably from watching Bridget Jones walk across it triumphantly, though I learned quickly that there are way more tourists milling about on the bridge than they portray in Bridget Jones’ Diary. We took some great photos at the bridge.

Bill by the Thames River – Mostly Cloudy, about 60 degrees

The plan for the day was to start at the bridge and wander west to St. Paul’s Cathedral. We walked past the Tower of London and the Monument to the Great Fire of London. When we got to St. Paul’s, we saw a red phone booth that was picture worthy. We stopped and took photos.
It was only 3:00 p.m. when we arrived at St. Paul’s, and that was already the end of my itinerary for the day. I thought we would stop for lunch, but we did so well at breakfast we still weren’t hungry. So, we decided to head inside St. Paul’s. The cathedral is stunning, and it is complete with the largest crypt in Europe. We spent a long time at the cathedral appreciating the art, the architecture and the history of the church.

That’s where we are – London England

After St. Paul’s, we were still more exhilarated than tired, so we kept walking west. We came upon Twinings – a famous tea company. Back in my senior year of high school, I was an exchange student to Australia for six months. At the time, I thought a 6-month trip would get traveling out of my system for good. While that plan failed miserably, I picked up drinking tea while I was down under.

At Twinings, I got my everyday favorite, Darjeeling (popular in Australia), and some English Breakfast. When I came home from Australia drinking three cups of tea a day, my mom got to drinking tea as well, so I got her a gift of some London afternoon brew from Twinings.

Fish ‘n Chips – the pub was at capacity in the evening

Finally, we arrived at Trafalgar Square. There, we found an historic British pub for some traditional fare – fish and chips and a steak and ale pie. From Trafalgar Square, we had a beautiful evening view of Elizabeth Tower (a.k.a. Big Ben).

In total, we walked 8.7 miles on day one. Dad did great! We were happy, and we were tired. We headed back to Heathrow on the Piccadilly Line to get a good night’s sleep.