Severe Weather in the South – A Cool Sunday in MI


Thunderstorms and rain in general have been hard to come by this spring in the Great Lakes. Precipitation in Grand Rapids through 4/24 is just 66% of average. However, the South has had quite a few days with significant severe weather, including Friday and Saturday (4 23-24). Above is the severe reports map from Saturday. There were only 2 tornadoes, but there were 92 severe wind reports, including at gust to 76 mph at the Hartsfield Airport in Atlanta. There were 85 severe hail reports, including 8 that were from 2″ to 2.75″ in diameter.

Here’s storm reports from Friday:

Storm Reports for Friday 4/23

There were 6 tornadoes (mainly going over “empty” country along the Texas/Oklahoma border). There were 78 report of wind damage and 69 severe hail reports (1″ or greater in diameter) with 14 of those reports of hail 2″ or greater in diameter.

U.S. Tornado count through 4/22

Once again this year, we are off to a slow start when it comes to tornadoes in the U.S. (that’s good). In the graph above, the black line is average and the red line is this year. So far, it’s the lowest tornado count to date since 2015 (which was a cold spring and you don’t get a lot of tornadoes when you’re seeing snow flurries out the window. Michigan has had just the one tornado a couple Saturday’s ago at Preservation Lakes south of Cutlerville.

Precipitation Forecast for the next 7 days from the Weather Prediction Center

This is predicted total rainfall for the next 6 days from the Weather Prediction Center. West Michigan will see scattered showers today, then a break from Sunday – Tuesday with perhaps a couple rounds of showers and t-showers from Tuesday night into Wednesday night. Tuesday looks like the warmest day. If we get pretty much full sunshine and the warm front gets through, Tuesday PM could reach 80 degrees.

The cold air this week has knocked down the average temperature for April down to just 0.65 deg. warmer than average in Grand Rapids. We’ve had 12 days in a row now (inc. Sat.) that have been cooler than average. That followed 10 days in a row that were warmer than average.

Lake Michigan Satellite picture Thursday PM 4 22 21

This is the Lake Michigan satellite pic. from Thu. PM – sunny from G.R. to the west and partly cloudy to the east of G.R. Note the land areas have gone from a lighter tan color to a darker tan/green. That’s because the grass/hay fields have greened up. The untilled corn and soybean fields still have a lighter tan color. Early tulips and blossoms are out. We should see the cherry and early apple blossoms out in about a week.

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